If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be.
 Now put the foundations under them. 


If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be.
 Now put the foundations under them. 


I’m grateful for this damn gratitude thing. I think it’s working. I see my life changing before my eyes. 

Grateful for the love that surrounds people even when they don’t realize it. Grateful for all the blind people so that the ones that see are given the blessings. 

I’m Backkkk. #Day24ofGratitude

Watching Lincoln right now. Watched Jobs earlier and watched 2 episodes of The Game of Thrones. I’m not a big fan of game of thrones. Anyways, I liked the sex scenes..?? lol. I’ve been reading Emerson lately and he’s a cool person to chill with. Someone that actually has something good to say for my ears and mind. In this new age, it’s rare to find anyone that has good things to say. All the young are being lied to and all the old people don’t even know they’re being lied to and they’re continuing to lying. Oh hi ben, when did you become so cynical? 

Anyways, I’ve been having a good time as always. I’ve been playing piano recently more often. Now I’m going to read a history book. See what that’s about. But life’s been good. This grateful day hashtag thing is really working !!! hahahhaa.

Oh and Into the Storm is probably the best movie of 2014 so far. It’s great. If you haven’t watched it I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. GO WATCH IT IN THE THEATRES.

Okay anyways,!


I’m grateful for HBO. I’m grateful for humans everywhere. I’m grateful for swimming. I’m grateful for my north star. I’m grateful for my consciousness, my subconscious, and my vision. I’m grateful for my talents, the hard work that I am putting in and believing in myself when my ‘hunch’ comes. I’m grateful for all the friends I’ve made and are going to make. I’m grateful for people that truly lived in this world, that let go of their fears and went on believing in their dreams. I hope to one day be one of those people on top. No. I am on top. I’m on the Boat of Father Time and my destination will soon arrive. Thank you for everything. I’m grateful for silence. And I’m grateful for my phone, electricity, all the humans that created things to become this way.

Good night everyone. :]

Happy thoughts. 

Her smile. :]


Rest. #Day23ofGratitude

I woke up. Watched Oz with James Franco in it. Went to eat with my grandma and my aunt. Ate Dim sum. Then went back to my grandma’s place and took a 2 hour nap. Woke up, got a nosebleed and ate sushi tei with my dads friend at the mall. Came back home and just finished swimming. Finished blogging on chapter 9 of Quiet. 2 more chapters then Ralph Waldo Emerson time! :D 

By the way, I’ve made a goal that everyday while I’m in Indonesia that I swim 20 sets of 2x fly, 2x breast stroke, 2x free, 2x breast stroke. And I’ve been doing that since let’s just say July 29th. It’s been tiring, but I’m determined to do it until September 23rd when I leave back to the States.

I’ve decided to stay in Sacramento when I come back to the States. I’ve been readin the Power of Concentration by Theron Q. Dumont and it’s made me realize some things in my life. I’ve also been a lot more observant these past few days. It’s been a good thinking process.

Anyways, I’m hoping to go to Singapore, Pontianak, Lampung, Yogyakarta during my time here. :]

It’s been great. Now I’m going to watch KBS world. This channels so funny. Freaking Koreans and their humour. 


I’m grateful for getting the much needed 2 hours of rest today. I’m grateful for having a clearer mind. I’m grateful for dim sum. I’m grateful for Korean TV. I’m grateful for these fat Korean people that are so funy. Lol. Let me brb and watch this real quick. Dangit, I’ve seen the rest of the scenes. Anyways, grateful I can watch these for a second time? hahaha. Grateful for being healthy and fit. Grateful for learning so much in Indonesia. Grateful for learning the culture here. Grateful for understanding that there’s only one path that we can live this world although our minds says that there’s plenty. Grateful that I’m walking the path that I’m destined to be walking. Grateful for all the past failures that I’ve encountered to come to be a success in the near future. Grateful for the motivation and determination to work hard. Grateful for dreams, possibilities and the gift of being human. Grateful for God, religion, and everything that is right and wrong about it. Grateful for this laptop my iPad mini, piano, instruments and my vision.

Night peepz.

Successful thoughts are that I’m already successful. BOOM!

Outcome and Income. #Day22ofGratitude

I’m drunk. 

I had fun. I learned new drinking games.

I saw old friends from my primary school days.

I wasted $40 tonight. That’s a lot.

I have to be more responsible with my budget.

But I had fun.


I’m grateful for having old friends. I’m grateful for feeling good about myself. I’m grateful for talks that bring nostalgia. I’m grateful for having friends in general and meeting new friends. I’m grateful for being able to drink tonight. I’m grateful for being happy. :]

Goodnight. !!

Waha Kitchen. Under the Weather. Flow. #Day21ofGratitude

I’m chilling at a nice cafe today at Waha Kitchen in Jakarta. It’s a nice place with good interior designs and books to read. :] Makes me a happy child. I feel like I’m in my ‘flow’. I was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday. Golfing and swimming and not eating as much. And sleeping late. But I’m feeling much better now. Well I’m telling myself in my mind that I have perfect health and I know that through a couple of days I will be okay. 

Got some good news and bads news. But today, I know it’s a day where God is testing me. I’m going to stay positive with all my guts and get through this storm! But I need to submit documents for my FAFSA before September 14th, which means that I might have to go back to the States a bit earlier. I could have figured this out earlier in Spring quarter, but I wasn’t focused. So that’s the bad news. I think I might have to leave earlier from Indonesia.

The good news is that I am growing emotionally?? hahaha. There’s always something perfect in everyday. So I’m just trying to be positive. I guess, being here at the cafe for like 5 hours and working on my shit is a positive thing. :] But I know that there’s positive things coming forward for me. 

I’m on track on my blogs and there’s only 9 days left for this day of gratitude thing.


I’m grateful for family. I’m grateful for being at the place where I am. I’m grateful for understanding myself to be at a better place in my life now. I’m grateful for being more aware of my emotions and my presence has a human to those around me. I’m grateful for finishing up my EAP essay so now I’m done with my whole application to Rome/Madrid. I’m grateful for the next few months and years to my success. I’m grateful for being able to accept my fears and keep moving forward. I’m grateful for having friends. 

Successful Thoughts: 

I’m at a good place. I’m perfectly perfect where I am now. 

Bye bye.

Golf. Golf. Golf. #Day20ofGratitude

I’m behind 3 days from my tumblr and my twitter for the days of gratitude. And I only got 10 days left !! woot woot.

Anyways, today was pretty tiring, but a good day to work on my character. Tomorrow I’m going to finish up my essay about my study abroad program in Madrid/Rome. Then I’m going to proceed to write, write, write.! and Read read read!!

It will be even more of a productive day tomorrow. Today I played some golf. It’s quite addicting and once you get the hang of it, you keep wanting to play more. It’s not enough to hit 100 golf balls anymore now on the driving range. I have to hit more. But today I had a blister on my left thumb so that prevented me from swinging more golf balls. But I intend to make golf a hobby in my lifetime.

I found out that if you want to get good at something, don’t try to attack it 10000%, but rather set aside time everyday even if it’s 5 - 10 minutes in really focusing down on it.

Positive vibes all around, that’s all I’m aiming for. Nobody can tell me that it’s not possible. Anything is possible in my books. And tomorrow I’m going to do the impossible. 


I’m grateful for my health. I’m grateful for being able to keep persistent in writing down 2 blogs everyday. I’m grateful for being able to swim everyday consistently and persistently. I’m grateful that I am growing both spiritually, materialistically, and intellectually. I’m grateful for being able to read and become educated. I’m grateful that I don’t smoke anymore. I’m grateful for being able to eat all kinds of food in Indonesia. I’m grateful for having friends Indonesia. I’m grateful for being able to have wi-fi in my house in Indonesia. I’m grateful for having another day to live tomorrow.

Successful thoughts before I go to bed.

I wake up in the morning feeling like success. Because I am a success. 

Goodnight world. :]


Had a chill day. Thats a word that describes it. Chill.

Read. Read. And read some more.
2 things determine your character in life.
Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.

Met with 2 of my old friends. We ate at konsenda hotel. Paid for their meals. Good exchange. Im feeling something happening very soon.


I’m grateful for being able to daydream. Im grateful for kanye wests college dropout album. Im grateful for good talks with chill people. Im grateful for chilling. Im grateful for work, for money. For all the people both in my life and out of my life. Im grateful for being able to swim around the way i can. Im grateful that im on this path in my life. Im grateful to be educated and see the truth in people. Im also grateful to have the attitude of letting go understanding that nothing i read actually matters, that its all in the eyes of the above.
Im grateful for a new engine. An indestructible one. (: im speaking gibberish now.

Successful thoughts before bed.

One single good meeting where good spirits exchange. Positivity ensues. And the next level comes.

Goodnight loves.

Snakes. Islands. Having a Blast. #Day18ofGratitude

I’m having a blast in Indonesia. I’m going to try and write these on the daily but keep them shorter. I ate a cobra today. woohoo. I drank it’s blood. and ate it. They killed the snake in front of me. It was awesome. I also just came back from an island. It’s called H island. a private island that can only be bought by invitation only. There was 20 people in the group and it was awesome. I met two amazing girls. An amazing amount of friends and I jet ski’d with 1800CC engine power that went up to 65mph. I also swam in the deep blue ocean. There was so much freedom. OHMAGEHRD.

I played golf today and it was tiring. Such a super mental game. But it was really fun. My friend and I had swung 400 golf balls. Let’s keep focusing and see what life has in store!

Things that I have to do:

- Research about Rome and Madrid about what one event/fact in each city

- 102 leadership quotes

- Meet a pastor from ABBA Love in Jakarta.

That’s it!! And I’ll be golden. Like gold….

Okay.! Time for day of gratitude.


I’m grateful for animals. I’m grateful for snakes. I’m grateful for goats. I’m grateful for Durian fruit. I’m grateful for golf. I’m grateful for swimming. I’m grateful for Islands. I’m grateful for food. I’m grateful for golf. I’m grateful for good friends. I’m grateful for God. I’m grateful for Family. and now. I’m grateful for a good night rest and sleep. I’m grateful for meeting new people this weekend. I’m grateful for Ozil. I’m grateful for her spirit.

Good night peepz. Or should I say good morning? 

Oh btw. I think I just did my initiation into Slytherin today by eating that snake. hahaha. :]

Late Night Alumni. #Day17ofGratitude

Had another good day. I’m on a role everyday seeing clearer and clearer. I’m so tired nowadays to write. hahahaha. But I’m still discipline enough to do it everyday!! Had a late night hangout yesterday at a lounge called Cloud. It was a pretty cool place and met a bunch of really cool people. Something about being open and accepting of yourself that really opens up the intellectual world. Grateful for my sister to be able to open up this world for me. Today I’m going to another island with my old friends. It’s going to be a time for me to finish up some things from the past and bury some things under the bridge!! I think it will be beneficial for me. But Now I got to go swimming. So…..


I’m grateful for swimming. I’m grateful for discipline. I’m grateful for friends, family, and loved ones around the world. I’m grateful for having the opportunity of another day to live life and be focused on what I want to do. I’m grateful for books. I’m grateful for good books, bad books, and the wisdom to be able to know the difference. I’m grateful for food.

That is all. :]]

Leaving for the island in 2.5 hours. Yay

Cespedes to Red Sox?! #Day16ofGratitude

Came home and found out Cespedes went to the Red Sox for Jon Lester (P) and Johnny Gomes..!? WTF. I like Johnny Gomes and I don’t have a problem with A’s picking up another Ace pitcher (since Hammel isn’t really doing much work for us; maybe a future trade for Hammel for an outfielder?) But I don’t know. I thought Cespedes was one of the central pieces for this team to win a championship, but now I’m not sure. I’d be interested in a statement by Billy Beane on his management tactics, but this is not a good trade in my books. Maybe if Cespedes got traded after this season or during an off season it would be good. I don’t know. But I guess I’ll have to trust management on this one. Maybe it could’ve been a financial matter?? I’m not entirely sure, but being an A’s Fan definitely not too good. So, now we got Jon Lester, Sonny Gray, Scott Kazmir, Samardjiza. 4 Ace pitchers. Hammell is a 5th but he hasn’t been producing. In turn, we’ve been using Billy Burns as our outfielder but he hasn’t had a hit in I believe 5 at-bats? Craig Gentry broke his hand. We still have Moss, Donaldson, Vogt, Callaspo. I mean we got big pieces,but I thought it would be Yoenis Cespedes that would help us down the stretch. I’m quite excited to see Johnny Gomes in an A’s uniform again though.

So we’ll see. Definitely want to see a statement or some type of analysis of the red-sox/athletics trade.

Anyways, other than that, I had a pretty chill day. It’s good working on staying positive everyday. But I had a good day so it was hard not to stay positive. Swam today. Had breakfast and lunch at Pademangan, eating Pontianak food. Drank coconut with ma dad. And we had dinner at a Hot Pot restaurant. And afterwards we ate Durian. It’s an interesting fruit. It reminds me of the devil’s fruit for some reason. It smells hella bad, has thorns in it, and has high protein. I don’t know. Some nice philosophical thinking for me to do. :D Then beside it, there were cobras. I’m going to eat it next time :D hahahaha. I took pictures of it too. Embracing my slytherin side I suppose. But overall, good day. And in 2 days I’m going to another island with my friend. Which is awesome. 

Durian is known as an aprhodisiac which means that people get horny after they eat it. Hahahaha. I Totally get how. It’s a fruit that makes your inner body hot so you sweat and stuff. Plus there’s alcohol in it. This shit is definitely the devil’s fruit. hahahaha.

Oh I also finished my 1st book. Emotional First Aid Kit. :]


Anyways, time for gratitude.


I’m grateful for everything that happened today. Starting from eating in the morning, waking up slightly late. Eating again in the afternoon. Eating twice at Pademangan. Contacting my friends in Indo. Going for a swim. Watching some MTV. Feeling good about myself. Talking to my sister. And my dad and I getting closer. Oh I also am grateful for washing my dads car. It felt good lol. So thanks for everything. I’m grateful for meeting our neighbors today. I’m grateful for being able to blog. I’m grateful for having dreams and the courage to get them done.

That’s it for the day. Everything in moderation. :]] Tomorrow I’ll be starting Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a world that can’t stop talking.

Good thoughts before going to bed.

Laughter. Laughter. Laughter. :]

Gnite nerdss. ^_^